TeraCopy v3.2 Portable

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Full Title: TeraCopy v3.2 Portable
TeraCopy v3.2 is a small utility you can greatly facilitate the process of copying files, if you believe the developers themselves, then their program performs this operation much faster if compared with other analogs, it is possible due to the use of an additional buffer, you can download TeraCopy in full news.Also note that you can of course put the process on pause, and if necessary continue copying the file, in addition you will get an excellent copy control function, that is, if the file can not be read, TeraCopy will repeat the operation several times, and then just skip the problem file And continue copying the others. It should be noted that TeraCopy can be easily integrated into a conductor, from there you understand how to make copying much more convenient.Of the main advantages worth noting the ability to compare the value of the CRC before and after the transfer of the file or copy it, you can put a lot of files on the queue, you can skip files interfering with normal copying, supports asynchronous copying between two hard disks, which increases the transfer speed, also TeraCopy completely Supports Unicode. Here in general, all the advantages of this small utility, Russian support by the way, too, I hope the program will be useful to you.

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